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Hotel, B&B or Guest House Accommodation in Dornoch

Let’s begin with the difference between three types of accommodation. It may look simple enough choice but there is a lot more behind these meanings and value for money if you look carefully.

Dornoch Hotel Accommodation

A Scottish Hotel would normally be a property with 12 bedrooms or more and with 24-hour reception. As a traveler you would then expect it to have a restaurant or a bar. Perhaps a business centre or a pool with a tour desk and loyalty program.

Dornoch Guest House

A Guest house would be in the range of 4 to 12 rooms with a reception covering most of the day and night. It may or may not have a restaurant or bar but would normally present some of the facilities of a hotel on a smaller scale.

Dornoch B&B Accommodation

A B&B would anything from 1 to 3 rooms and would normally be part of someone’s home. You would probably expect a breakfast of some kind, continental or cooked or in some cases both. Opening times would be limited and you would not expect a bar or restaurant.

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But how does all this come about, well it’s the law really. A B&B would have a maximum of three bedrooms in a house that has 5 bedrooms. So the owners would occupy 2 rooms and guests the other three. If you have four bedrooms you would only be allowed guests in two rooms and if you had a 3-bedroom house you would only have one bedroom for guests. B&B’s are very lightly regulated and are normally associated with a lifestyle couple, retired looking for extra income. They escape VAT by only opening certain times of the year to restrict income and they only need a food hygiene certificate to operate.

A Hotel or Guest House is fully regulated, they must have fire alarms and fire evacuation plans. They need food hygiene licenses for the premises as well as staff and they need to have alcohol licenses for the premises. The staff would normally be trained in hospitality and they would normally be open all year around.

The best value for money would be to combine a property with all these values and still have a completive price. So a guesthouse with the feel of a B&B but the facilities of a hotel. A Guest House with the feel of a B&B and the facilities of a hotel with combined spectacular views, a top class restaurant and facilities of a five star hotel….well there is such a place and it is ‘The Steading’ guest house in Dornoch.


Accommodation In Dornoch

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