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They come back year after year and that is the only review we need, thankyou to the thousands who have returned.

Our 2016 / 2020 surveys statistics are now available. There has been 4,517 guests who have been to our property in 45 months, of those 8% left reviews. The other guests who have not filled surveys have booked to return next year and that’s the best survey we can ask for. The following is an example of who likes our style property and who does not!

Love The Steading, Australians, New Zealanders, Americans, Swiss Germans, Bavarians, Germans, Swiss Italians, Italians, Dutch, Luxenberg, Middle Easteners, Asian People, Welsh, Scottish, Northern English (Nth of  Birmingham), Yorkshire Folk & Northern Irish.

Prefer Elsewhere, People who, upon arrival try to use reviews as a way of issuing a demand or threat or form of blackmail .Our policy is to be as generous and courteous as we can and to look after the majority of people’s interest. We will not allow one couple, individual or family to disrupt or ruin the enjoyment of the majority and you will be asked to leave.

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